Rules and Prizes

Our contest is a week by week Pick’ Em contest pool with weekly cash prizes for the top performers based on entries. The best performer for every four week period will also win a one on one session with Chris Harris. You will need to fund your account to pay for your pool entries throughout the season. If you need to fund your account please register and fund your account there today to be eligible for the contest.

Prize Pool:

  • You must have a account to play.
  • You must fund your account to pay for your weekly pool entry fees.
  • You must get your picks in by the weekly deadline – before the first game each Sunday, however if there is an early game you must pick ALL games before it starts. You can modify the remainder of the games up until the Sunday deadline. All picks will be hidden until the game has begun (for early games) or the until the first kickoff on Sunday.
  • Point spreads are released every Tuesday. All games are set with 1/2 points so there will be no pushes. There is a tiebreaker for the total on the last game of thee week.
  • Participants are allowed only one entry in the contest.
  • The pool starts with Week 1 and runs through the NFL regular season only.
  • This is a standard Pick’em pool where members attempt to pick the winning team.
  • Members are awarded 1 point for correctly picked games.
  • Point spreads are used in making picks, so the team they select will need cover the spread.
  • Members pick all games.
  • As a tie breaker, members guess the combined total points for last game of the week (as indicated on the pick sheet).
  • The final pick deadline each week is Sunday at 1pm ET*. If you want to pick an earlier game you must do so by kickoff of that game.
  • If a member does not enter picks for a specific week, no automatic picks will be made.
  • If a game is cancelled or postponed to a future week, it will be removed from the current schedule, along with all picks for that game.
  • Unfunded pool entries and account holders will be disqualified for the week in consideration of either of those conditions.

* If there are no 1pm ET games on Sunday, the final pick deadline will be the start of the first game on Sunday after 1pm ET. This is usually only applicable during the playoffs.
* The winner of every four week period will get a one on one skype session with Chris Harris!
* This is a week by week contest and a 4 week series contest for the Special Chris Harris experience prize. If you do not pick each week you will not be disqualified, but you will not get credited for the overall 4 week contest point totals.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us to [email protected]

Good luck to everyone,


Bookmaker and Harris Football